Monday, June 23, 2008

The End of Artomatic


The construction crew shows up today to start tearing down walls and generally assisting in removing everything that we brought in (all the drywall, the plywood, the wiring, the lighting, all electrical boxes, etc). Most of the artists have removed their work. The rooms have been emptied. The tattoo parlour shut down and Paul and Cynthia are back in their regular studio. The signs have been taken down, all the furniture is off to their new homes. The bars are gone, the beer storage closet is empty, and the ice freezer has been hauled away. We're pulling out nails and slapping on spackle.

It has been a year of records for Artomatic. A record number of participating artists (740), more performers than ever (800), the largest building and space we've ever had to work with, and the largest number of visitors = over 52 thousand people walked through those doors to experience Artomatic.

A Wild Ride for sure.

Monday, June 9, 2008

we are your queens and you will worship us

My home away from home. One more week of Artomatic.

I'd really like to figure out how to move this section of wall and door into my house.

Kriza took the photo of myself and Rebecca outside the Artomatic office. We don't always wear the same clothes. Not always. Though people with a tendency to wear black a lot sorta can't help but match.

(it's okay to think I look tired - I am. The 98 degrees and Code Red air isn't helping all that much either.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The End is Near

Two weeks left for Artomatic. It closes on Sunday, June 15.

Two weeks.
Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.

You've been - right? A couple of times, of course you have.

Last weekend was the party for the Peeps. And there was bellydancing. And fire outside. And a cardboard car race.

This weekend we've got Frank Warren from PostSecret in the house signing books, Tango on the dance stage, poetry of all types in the SpeakEasy lounge (including Russian), "Craigslist: The Musical" on the downstairs stage, Fire outdoors, and Spooky Movies in the Film room - just for starters.

Saturday begins with workshops galore, The Marketplace in the afternoon (come buy art!), bands all evening and night, Comedians and Open Mic Night in the SpeakEasy, Burlesque in the Cabaret - and the crazy wildness of the night will be on the 5th floor with the hip-hop dancers - The Street Dance All Stars Jam. They were at Artomatic two weekends ago and it was insane - probably 300 people on the floor, it must have been 15 degrees hotter due to the body heat and ~everybody~ was dancing - it was so cool. We had to kick them all out at 2am so we could clean up and go home, I think they would have gone all night long.

Then on Sunday I fall down from exhaustion and try to figure out how many cases of Red Bull I'm going to need to make it through one more week. Because while this weekend's calendar is packed you ain't seen nothin' till you've been to closing weekend. We plan on taking this thing out with a big BANG. Or huge Fire at least.

Artomatic Event Calendar

See what you have been missing - the Flickr Aromatic Photo Group

Oh, and the tattoo has healed quite nicely, thankyouverymuch, and I'm very happy with it. And now have to go back to the gym so I can confidently show it off. (You know, once Artomatic is over. Of course.)