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Artomatic (continued)

If you haven't come out you really need to. I promise you that you'll have a good time.

Workshops on all sorts of subjects, we've got belly dancers tonight and fire dancers most weekends too. Bands all through the night, comedians performing in the SpeakEasy lounge.

The building is such a great design, and at night I think it looks even better.

Check out the photos people are posting from Artomatic in the Artomatic Flickr Group.

Hell, you can even get an appointment for a tattoo while you are there, or just watch someone get inked. ;)

I think it is a great event, and even if you are a fan of Artomatic and been to past events that you will say that this is the best one yet.

Be sure to come up to the 11th floor - not only where one of the bars is located ($1 Red Bull! Flying Dog beer! cheap!) but that is where my installation is located.

The Denver Post likens Artomatic to "the Woodstock of Art" and they mean that in a good way. Minus the mud, of course.

Artomatic closes o…

Pancake Mountain and Artomatic

The new issue of TIME has a small article about Pancake Mountain. The print version has one of my photos with the article, it's not included with the on-line version. Last month Rolling Stone, this month it's Time - not bad, eh?

Artomatic is rolling along and going well - good attendance, lots of positive energy, and lots of artists all working together for the same goal. Which is pretty much a 5-week party, but what is wrong with that?

There was a special meet-up tonight for bloggers at Artomatic - I didn't attend (took the night off) but thought I could compensate by blogging about Artomatic.


Here's the result from our interview with Kate last week. Doesn't she look just great? And she was so much fun too.
Yeah Kate!

Pancake Mountain's Rufus Leaking and Kate Pierson of the B-52's


but also happy. The prep work for Aromatic is just about complete. 99% is done. The finishing touches tomorrow morning before we open, just to put that final shine on things. I feel like I can relax for a couple minutes and actually breathe.

The site looks fantastic. Fan. Tas. Tic.

and I might get a few hours sleep tonight. Perhaps something to eat might be a good idea too.

I'm really satisfied with how my space came out. Maybe that doesn't sound right but "happy" doesn't either. I like it, I feel like I did want I wanted to do and I'm pleased with how it all turned out. That better?

I've been using the stairs too often while on site putting out fires and such so I'm not getting a whole lot of roller skating time in. And with tomorrow being opening night and a gazillion people expect I'm thinking the skates aren't getting any use this weekend.

(ahh, but after we close down for the night... watch out!)

Artomatic 2008

The Biggest Artomatic EVAR!!1!!! opens this Friday.

With over 1,000 artists. Really, I counted. In fact, as of yesterday when I last did a tally there were exactly 1,115 participating artists.

There will be music every night. Workshops of all sorts. Activities for kids on the weekends (workshops, kid movies), Fire dancers, Belly Dancers, Comedians, Dance groups, Theater performance...

and Tattoos.

Yup. Not only is there a Poetry Lounge, a Dance stage, a Film room, two large music venues, an Education room, a Visual Arts Resource Center, an Artomatic Store there is also a working Victorian styled tattoo parlour on the 12th floor, courtesy of the fine folks at British Ink.

Something for everyone - and then some.

I'm on the 11th floor - the floor with the bar :) and one of the super cool fancy lounges. Come by and see the show, you won't be dissapointed.

Artomatic opens Friday, May 9th and runs through Sunday, June 15. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. New York Ave metro stop, M street exit…