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What I did during my Spring Break

glued to my chair in front of the computer for over a week.

but it's done. The Artomatic site went live last night and registration was turned on this afternoon. Web things seem to be rolling along quite smoothly so I can now turn my focus to the numerous meetings I need to either arrange or attend. Wheeeee.

For the next three months Artomatic is my life.

Hopefully I will have time when I'm not working FOR Artomatic to create some new art to hang IN Artomatic.


my new favorite camera, originally uploaded by Tracy Lee. My new favorite camera.

Trying some different things photo-wise which means moving away from the Perfect Million Pixel Digital Image and towards the Crappy Cheap Plastic Camera with Film, and just going to see where that takes me.

And I'm keeping my eye on the Polaroid stock to see if I need to grab up what remains or if Fuji will swoop in and take over production - and make it cheaper. Buy now and pay more or wait and risk not getting any?

The DCist Photo Exposed show opens tonight, I'm going to head into the city early to beat the Christmas rush. That and so I can get into Jaleo for a dinner of tapas shark and calamari. And some sangria to wash it all down.

Glass3 in Georgetown is having an event tonight as well so if you haven't seen that show it closes this weekend and it is worthy of a trip.

So - Amazon has been pushing this new Bauhaus album on me for the past month in my recomendations and I've just been ig…