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Blackbird at The Studio Theater

Pay What You Can Preview, Saturday, Dec 6 at 2 pm

Blackbird by David Harrower. “a controversial and mesmerizing drama about love and regret.” Studio Theatre.

Tickets available 2 hours before the show. Limit 2 per person. Cash only.

Play opens Dec 3 and runs through Dec 21. More info: 202 332-3300.

busy weekend

Looking for something to do? Want to buy some art? This weekend is overflowing with street festivals and artists set up showing their wares. No excuses.

Today & Saturday in DC: Arts on Foot

Saturday in Arlington: Ballston Art + Crafts Market

Saturday in DC: Kennedy Center's 24th Annual Open House Arts Festival

Saturday & Sunday in Alexandria: Festival of the Arts

Sunday in DC: Adams Morgan Day


Water Lilies

080912_002, originally uploaded by Tracy Lee. While the lotus blossoms have all just about turned into seed pods there was quite the array of water lilies today at the park that required photographic documentation. A very gray, overcast day with rain threatening but that didn't materialize until later in the afternoon (and then only damped everything before blowing off) it was a good day for photos.

The End of Artomatic

The construction crew shows up today to start tearing down walls and generally assisting in removing everything that we brought in (all the drywall, the plywood, the wiring, the lighting, all electrical boxes, etc). Most of the artists have removed their work. The rooms have been emptied. The tattoo parlour shut down and Paul and Cynthia are back in their regular studio. The signs have been taken down, all the furniture is off to their new homes. The bars are gone, the beer storage closet is empty, and the ice freezer has been hauled away. We're pulling out nails and slapping on spackle.

It has been a year of records for Artomatic. A record number of participating artists (740), more performers than ever (800), the largest building and space we've ever had to work with, and the largest number of visitors = over 52 thousand people walked through those doors to experience Artomatic.

A Wild Ride for sure.

we are your queens and you will worship us

we are your queens and you will worship us, originally uploaded by meanlouise. My home away from home. One more week of Artomatic.

I'd really like to figure out how to move this section of wall and door into my house.

Kriza took the photo of myself and Rebecca outside the Artomatic office. We don't always wear the same clothes. Not always. Though people with a tendency to wear black a lot sorta can't help but match.(it's okay to think I look tired - I am. The 98 degrees and Code Red air isn't helping all that much either.)

The End is Near

Two weeks left for Artomatic. It closes on Sunday, June 15.

Two weeks. Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.Two weeks.

You've been - right? A couple of times, of course you have.

Last weekend was the party for the Peeps. And there was bellydancing. And fire outside. And a cardboard car race.

This weekend we've got Frank Warren from PostSecret in the house signing books, Tango on the dance stage, poetry of all types in the SpeakEasy lounge (including Russian), "Craigslist: The Musical" on the downstairs stage, Fire outdoors, and Spooky Movies in the Film room - just for starters.

Saturday begins with workshops galore, The Marketplace in the afternoon (come buy art!), bands all evening and night, Comedians and Open Mic Night in the SpeakEasy, Burlesque in the Cabaret - and the crazy wildness of the night will be on the 5th floor with the hip-hop dancers - The Street Dance All Stars Jam. They were at Artomatic two weekends ago and it was insane - pro…

Artomatic (continued)

If you haven't come out you really need to. I promise you that you'll have a good time.

Workshops on all sorts of subjects, we've got belly dancers tonight and fire dancers most weekends too. Bands all through the night, comedians performing in the SpeakEasy lounge.

The building is such a great design, and at night I think it looks even better.

Check out the photos people are posting from Artomatic in the Artomatic Flickr Group.

Hell, you can even get an appointment for a tattoo while you are there, or just watch someone get inked. ;)

I think it is a great event, and even if you are a fan of Artomatic and been to past events that you will say that this is the best one yet.

Be sure to come up to the 11th floor - not only where one of the bars is located ($1 Red Bull! Flying Dog beer! cheap!) but that is where my installation is located.

The Denver Post likens Artomatic to "the Woodstock of Art" and they mean that in a good way. Minus the mud, of course.

Artomatic closes o…

Pancake Mountain and Artomatic

The new issue of TIME has a small article about Pancake Mountain. The print version has one of my photos with the article, it's not included with the on-line version. Last month Rolling Stone, this month it's Time - not bad, eh?

Artomatic is rolling along and going well - good attendance, lots of positive energy, and lots of artists all working together for the same goal. Which is pretty much a 5-week party, but what is wrong with that?

There was a special meet-up tonight for bloggers at Artomatic - I didn't attend (took the night off) but thought I could compensate by blogging about Artomatic.


Here's the result from our interview with Kate last week. Doesn't she look just great? And she was so much fun too.
Yeah Kate!

Pancake Mountain's Rufus Leaking and Kate Pierson of the B-52's


but also happy. The prep work for Aromatic is just about complete. 99% is done. The finishing touches tomorrow morning before we open, just to put that final shine on things. I feel like I can relax for a couple minutes and actually breathe.

The site looks fantastic. Fan. Tas. Tic.

and I might get a few hours sleep tonight. Perhaps something to eat might be a good idea too.

I'm really satisfied with how my space came out. Maybe that doesn't sound right but "happy" doesn't either. I like it, I feel like I did want I wanted to do and I'm pleased with how it all turned out. That better?

I've been using the stairs too often while on site putting out fires and such so I'm not getting a whole lot of roller skating time in. And with tomorrow being opening night and a gazillion people expect I'm thinking the skates aren't getting any use this weekend.

(ahh, but after we close down for the night... watch out!)

Artomatic 2008

The Biggest Artomatic EVAR!!1!!! opens this Friday.

With over 1,000 artists. Really, I counted. In fact, as of yesterday when I last did a tally there were exactly 1,115 participating artists.

There will be music every night. Workshops of all sorts. Activities for kids on the weekends (workshops, kid movies), Fire dancers, Belly Dancers, Comedians, Dance groups, Theater performance...

and Tattoos.

Yup. Not only is there a Poetry Lounge, a Dance stage, a Film room, two large music venues, an Education room, a Visual Arts Resource Center, an Artomatic Store there is also a working Victorian styled tattoo parlour on the 12th floor, courtesy of the fine folks at British Ink.

Something for everyone - and then some.

I'm on the 11th floor - the floor with the bar :) and one of the super cool fancy lounges. Come by and see the show, you won't be dissapointed.

Artomatic opens Friday, May 9th and runs through Sunday, June 15. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. New York Ave metro stop, M street exit…

Artomatic 2008

We have hit the 1,000 mark and it keeps going up. 1,000 artists participating in the 2008 Artomatic.

(1,013 to be exact, last time I checked the registration files.)

Artomatic has floors 4-12, and the very large rooms on the main floor (which are going to be the music areas/stages) and something special on every floor: a tattoo parlor on 12, the bar on 11, an education workshop, a huge theater/film room, a poetry lounge, a Visual Artist Resource Center, the Artomatic store, and open lounges on every floor. I made a list one day of all the special section and what floors they were on, and left it there on site. Trust me - something for everyone. (Even workshops for kids on Saturdays!)

And, yes, the Fire Dancers will be back. Our performance calendar is packed this year, we've got bands and happenings every single night we're open.

This building was completely empty when we took it over - we have had to run electricity, lights, build all the rooms, build the partitions for artists t…

What I did during my Spring Break

glued to my chair in front of the computer for over a week.

but it's done. The Artomatic site went live last night and registration was turned on this afternoon. Web things seem to be rolling along quite smoothly so I can now turn my focus to the numerous meetings I need to either arrange or attend. Wheeeee.

For the next three months Artomatic is my life.

Hopefully I will have time when I'm not working FOR Artomatic to create some new art to hang IN Artomatic.


my new favorite camera, originally uploaded by Tracy Lee. My new favorite camera.

Trying some different things photo-wise which means moving away from the Perfect Million Pixel Digital Image and towards the Crappy Cheap Plastic Camera with Film, and just going to see where that takes me.

And I'm keeping my eye on the Polaroid stock to see if I need to grab up what remains or if Fuji will swoop in and take over production - and make it cheaper. Buy now and pay more or wait and risk not getting any?

The DCist Photo Exposed show opens tonight, I'm going to head into the city early to beat the Christmas rush. That and so I can get into Jaleo for a dinner of tapas shark and calamari. And some sangria to wash it all down.

Glass3 in Georgetown is having an event tonight as well so if you haven't seen that show it closes this weekend and it is worthy of a trip.

So - Amazon has been pushing this new Bauhaus album on me for the past month in my recomendations and I've just been ig…


Flickr has been flaky this week and I've lost the ability to see when all my friends have posted new photos. I miss my daily photo stream!

Daniel Johnston Dance Party last weekend at the Black Cat for Pancake Mountain, tonight we've got a photo shoot for the next DVD cover.

And my weekend is packed with Artomatic meetings.

I did some macro photos yesterday as I'm working on growing orchids. A new crop of flowers all bursting at once. When I let the camera choose the exposure & d.o.f. it prefers to go with a very low depth of field. When I'm shooting macro sometimes I want to up this so more than a tiny little bit of the shot is in focus. The problem with this is with an increased depth-of-field suddenly ~everything~ is in focus... including all the dust on the lens and the sensor. Suddenly I'm spotting negatives again.

Never realized how dirty all my gear was. Ick.


Photo 08
Ellipse Art Center
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 21, 6 - 9 p.m.
4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA

DCist Exposed 2008
Civilian Arts Project
Opening Reception: Friday, March 7, 6:30 - 9:30 pm
406 7th Street NW, 3rd Floor,Washington DC