Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Radio Show online

Audio Clip from the Don and Mike Show

see the one for 2/20 titled "Andy Dick and Britney Challenge" - I start at about 24 minutes, Duncan's joke is at 35 minutes

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look at me, I'm all Sinead

I was on the Don and Mike radio show this afternoon.

After I got off the air I looked like this (that's Don and Mike):

Tracy Lee with Don and Mike


Well, why not? And the fact that they PAID ME ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS TO SHAVE MY HEAD seemed like reason enough. Not like I haven't done crazy stuff with my hair before - here was a chance to do something new and come out with money in my pocket!

What is great is that I really like it too.

The show was fun, they were really nice guys. I gave them copies of my book plus handed out Pancake Mountain DVDs to the guys on the show with kids. Duncan even got to be on the air and tell his "muffin" joke - which just might have made the whole trip worthwhile. They've got photos of the shearing on their website (see link above).

And now I've got a really good reason to take some new photos.

Tracy's new look


Monday, February 19, 2007

Upcoming Shows

UNcover Erotic Art Exhibition. March 30 & 31, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm going to have seven prints hanging in this show.

MOCA DC Juried Erotica 2007 - March 2 - 31 at the MOCA Gallery in the Canal Square of Georgetown. First time they've held a juried show at this location. $1K First Prize - that would be nice.

Today has been the "Watch My Bank Account Shrink With Paypaling Entry Fees" as I submit images for other Calls for Entries. Between the submission fees, the framing and the shipping I really need to sell more prints.

Have another show set up for DC in April. And then there is ArtOMatic to prepare for as well.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Day(s)

Wow. It's a good thing I work from home as I just received the email announcing that schools are closed again tomorrow.

so - for those of you keeping track - it was early dismissal on Tuesday, snow days Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - and Monday is a holiday. What a great week to be a kid!

The ice is still bad on our street (very little traffic and very little sun) but I would have thought that with two days to clean the roads that enough would have been done to allow school buses to safely maneuver. Apparently not. I'd rather them be safe, and no skin off my nose - I'm working here either way, but I know how much of a hardship it was when trying to maintain a full-time job while dealing with closed schools.

Course, today was the first day we were able to get out of the house. Our driveway is steep enough to require a 4-wheel drive with even the slightest dusting of snow. By Tuesday afternoon even that wasn't enough to get up into the garage. It took many applications of de-icer and a lot of shoveling to make it usable by my SUV. Getting my husband's sports car up into the garage literally took hours.

It's not even a pretty snow. The strong winds have littered our yard with tree branches plus blown off any snow or ice from the trees. Plus I really don't like being cold, and it is very cold.

It does mean that my trip to see the Jasper Johns exhibit is probably postponed - again. My kids have gotten quite jaded with the whole museum experience. Both have declared that they no longer want to see any more Black and White photo shows. They might enjoy Johns though, they both did love the Flavin show (which I hated, but that's just me.) Ahh, I'll put it off though, it is hard for me to spend as much time as I'd like studying the art when I've got two kids (even as good as they are, and they are good) that are much more interested in visiting the gift shop than seeing another room of paintings. I don't like to be rushed.

Shakespeare tomorrow night - Richard the III. My daughter might just be accompanying me to this event. While the photography of the f/64 group doesn't elicit any excitement from her for Shakespeare she will happily sit still for three hours. She pretends to be very angry with us for not planning on taking her to see Titus when it is performed this Spring. How many twelve-year-olds do you know what to see Titus? Three tragedies in a row this year (Richard III, Hamlet, Titus). Hopefully when they announce the next season there will be a bit more diversity. While I always enjoy the performances I walk out of the comedies in a much better mood.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Pancake Mountain Dance Party last night at The Black Cat in Washington DC with Deerhoof. Unlike past events we didn't close down the sign-up form and just kept it open for all that wanted to come out. The result was a lot of people and also a lot of fun. "Organized Chaos" is how I like to refer to these events. Lots of happy kids and lots of energy.

The band is really cool, we had them on last year when they came through town so they knew what to expect (and agreed to a second performance anyway! Amazing!) and they seemed like they had a good time.

Photos from the night have been posted on the Pancake Mountain website. Dan Brown came along with me and helped out with photos. Between the two of us I think we did a good job of representing the show. It is hard taking good pics in such a low-light situation, and we aren't supposed to use flash during the actual filming (it messes up the videocameras) but the new 30D did a good job, I'm pleased. Truth be told even with a flash it would be hard - the club is so dark and the ceiling is painted black making it a bit hard to bounce. I will be looking into purchasing the 50mm 1.4 lens, the 1.8 I used for most of my shots did well, I imagine that just that extra step up would really improve things.

Once the show was finished and most of the crowd had left I got to chat with the band a little - and Duncan got to test out their drumset. He was very amused that Greg was using a bucket for his drum stool.

Deerhoof 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lessons Learned

There are a few lessons that I keep bumping into and feel worthy of making note of as they keep being proved true. Not only something to pass along to the kids but to post for myself as a reminder so that I can stop falling down those same holes. At least at this point in my life (being so old and wise - phbttt) I usually do see the pitfalls coming. If I manage to stumble into them anyway I recognize the situation so much faster, remove myself and move on without the damage I'd gone through in earlier years. My reaction time is much quicker. We do learn from our mistakes.

(Thank god there really is something about this getting older/getting wiser thing. It's not just about gray hair and wrinkles.)

1. Trust Your Instincts. Your brain is trying to tell you something. All your excuses as to why your First Impression was incorrect are just that: excuses. If that guy seems creepy, if that woman seems slightly off-balanced, if something seems odd... run. Turn and run now. Don't even go there. You will dismiss your Early Warning System ("but everybody else likes him, he seems so harmless", "she's a little weird", "he seems a bit too eager to please, I wonder what that is all about", "I wonder why I wasn't introduced to anyone else", "How strange that they made the offer so fast", "That explanation doesn't quite seem to add up...") and forge ahead anyway.

You won't run. You'll stay and dismiss those nagging warning bells. And in the end those warnings will be proven true. But you'd have felt silly if you had walked away from a situation just based on your gut feelings - at least that first time. You'll learn though, and you'll learn fast. Trust Your Guts. Your Guts Are Right.

2. Value Yourself. Life is Too Short to Deal with Other People's Shit. Or - to put it in slightly more kid friendly language: You Deserve to Be Happy and Treated with Respect: the happiness part if your responsibility, no one can make you happy, that is up to you. But you must Stand Up and Demand Respect. Don't take crap from anybody. If your "Friend" is giving you grief, making you unhappy, teasing you - this person is not your friend. Find a new friend. If your job is stressing you out and making you miserable - find a new job. The stress is not worth it. The money is good? What does that matter if you are a miserable fuck? I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and addicted to Xanax. Sometimes you've got to do whatcha gotta do - and that means taking the shitty job and putting up the crap. But not your whole life. Have a plan. Don't be stuck being miserable because you have no other options.

To which I'd like to point out that I'm so incredibly happy with my life right now and where I'm going. I'm not sure where exactly that may be but having recently taking these two lessons to heart I feel so much better now in all aspects and confident that I'm heading in a better direction. It really is amazing how much stress affects everything about you - and how much lighter and happier I feel after having removed that stress.javascript:void(0)

This post has been brought to you by:

  • Quitting my job
  • Buying the Canon 30D that I have lusted over
  • Running again, and signing up for a 10K
  • Getting myself organized artistically and putting energy back into being creative

For me it's about knowing what my priorities are and keeping that in focus.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Blood, spit and mud

In their Xmas stockings each dog received (among other things) a new fancy rolled-leather collar. We haven't had Daisy a year and she's gone through probably five collars. She'll come inside naked and I'll find it somewhere in the backyard chewed to pieces. So new ones all around.

I'm home today with the kids - snow day - and the dogs have been outside most of the day. They love the snow and Daisy takes great delight in digging in it.

I usually don't keep an eye on them when they are out back, especially on days like today when they are outside so much and I'm trying to get some work done at the computer. Something today said to check on them, and I found Bonnie standing over Daisy and both of them snarling and fighting. Bonnie wouldn't let go.

As I raced outside and grabbed a stick to separate them I quickly realized that it wasn't Bonnie attacking Daisy. Bonnie wasn't letting go because she *couldn't* let go. The crazy, wild-eyed look on Daisy was because she was choking. Her collar had been twisted around Bonnie's lower jaw and they were attached. The more Bonnie fought to escape the tighter the collar twisted around Daisy's neck.

On my hands and knees I'm trying to get them apart and release the collar. I tried digging into Bonnie's mouth and getting it off her jaw but it was squeezed on tight, no getting it off that way. And there wasn't any space around Daisy's neck to even get my fingers. The collar was the old-fashioned, buckle kind, not the quick snap and release plastic clip kind. I had to get my head in between two snarling dogs and use my teeth to pull the strap tight enough to release the metal - choking Daisy further.

But I got it off. No dead dogs today. All I could think about is that Daisy was dying right there in front of me, and I've got two kids upstairs playing completely unaware of what is happening outside, and oh my god, what if I can't get this off.

Bonnie bounded off as soon as she was released. I sat there in the snow cradling Daisy while we both caught our breath. Inside they both collapsed probably from exhaustion while I cleaned the blood, spit and mud from each of them. It's been about an hour now and they both have perked up. Bonnie spent quite awhile laying next to Daisy washing her face. "I'm sorry, I really wasn't trying to kill you, here, let me clean that for you."

I'm still shaken. I keep thinking "What if.."

Needless to say there are four collars in the trash can.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Blake Gopnik does it again

I can't tell you how many times I've started reading a review of an exhibit in the Washington Post.... get all excited about it, ready to go see it... and then get to the footnote which states " EXHIBIT NAME is at the So and So Gallery, New York,"

Not that the show isn't noteworthy, but it isn't likely that I'm going to be able to drop everything and hit NYC for the day to see it. All it does is piss me off as to what I'm missing. ("Fuck, I'd really like to see that, I hope it travels down to DC.")

And really - there isn't anything happening in DC to promote in the Washington paper that they have to write about a show in NYC? Come ON. Nothing that they can write about to fill that space?

Well, they did write about the Jasper Johns show at the National gallery last week. Feh.