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HP #7 Complete

I finished the 7th book last night around 3 am, Charlotte finished hers this evening before dinner. Overall an enjoyable read, one of my three predictions was correct, and now I can go online and not worry about spoilers :)

Our pre-ordered Amazon copies arrived at our local UPS office on Thursday night. I was watching, tracking online. Here I thought I was going to be ahead of the game and get them delivered on Friday but nooo.... the books sat there. When the box arrived on Saturday I discovered that Amazon was ready for this - the books shipped in a special Harry Potter box with a "do not deliver before July 21" message emblazoned across it. Foiled again!

Nitpick about the writing style of JK Rowling: she has this build up and build up.... and then there is the climatic moment.... but then more build up and build up and more action. It gets lost, too much going on, sticking a very important event or action in the middle of a paragraph in the middle of a chapter and then…

we now return you to...

Vacation's over, back to the real world.

Two weeks in the UK. We started off with a few days in London and then took a train to Glasgow, picked up a rental car and then spent ten days driving around the highlands. Ended up at Edinburgh, trained back to South East England to visit my grandmother and then back to London and Heathrow to home.


British Air - very nice flight. Having individual tvs was great for the kids (me too, caught a triple feature for the seven hour flight home.) The option of ordering a "kids meal" sounded wonderful but I'm not sure where they get their idea of what foods children will eat as the choices of an egg salad sandwich or the cheese & chutney sandwich were not made any more agreeable because they had the crusts cut off. (The morning flight over had Duncan receiving a breakfast meal of spaghetti and meatballs while we all had bacon, sausage and eggs. How strange.)

Craig logged in 947 miles on the rental car. We saw a lot. Unfortun…