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There is a chipmunk hiding behind my desk. He either needs to run back outside through the open door or at least move into a better position so I can take his picture.

There is a nest of yellow jackets in one of my flower pots. As I was watering all my plants yesterday I noticed this rather large hole in the dirt of one of them. "Hmmmm," I thought, "I wonder what made that? Here, I'll fill it with water and see what happens. Oh. Angry wasps fly out." I escaped without injury but Daisy proceeded to stick her nose in to see what the fuss was about. Silly dog. Luckily she can run fast, and knows to come inside when wasps are chasing her.

There is a small wren nest in a hanging basket of flowers. Hopefully they will vacate soon otherwise the plants will die of thirst. (I know not to water them, don't want to waterlog baby birds.)


My Canon DSLR 30D is 8.5 megapixels.

My new Canon Powershot A640 point&shoot thingy has 10 megapixels.

The 30D - while no contest the better camera - knocked me back about $1,500 with body and lens, and my LowePro camera back-pack weighs in at 13.5 pounds with all my gear.

The Powershot came in just under $300 and fits in my purse.

I can't believe they squeezed a 10 megapixel processor into this little thing.

Big Deer in My Front Yard

I was sitting at my desk trying to get some research taken care of and Daisy was just going ballistic outside. I finally went out after her to get her to stop barking but she was so focused I got down to her level to see what had her attention.Deer in the neighbor's yard. Eating their hostas.We usually only see deer at dusk - unless it is a rainy or cloudy day like it is today. Shove the dog back inside, grab the camera and scamper off to see how close I can get. How close? Pretty damn. I don't own a telephoto, these were taken with my macro lens. (who has time to change lenses?)I eventually got close enough that it decided to move on. It casually walked through the yard and decimated the plant life along the way. Those things can eat. The neighbors are going to come home and wonder what happened to all their lilies.


1st Tooth

Sopranos Final Episode

David Chase = Cock Tease

After throwing a barrel of red herrings at us in this episode he runs off laughing with our money while we're still standing there with our pants down wondering what the hell just happened.

Disappointing. Feh.

Six Feet Under still reigns supreme for Best Ending Evar.

Woke Up Dis Mo'nan

The ziti is ready to hit the oven.

(The one with the meatballs? Carmela's recipe?
Oh hell yes, the one with meatballs of course. Who do you think I am, Janice? please.)

Bread, fresh basil, really good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, big red tomatoes, a nice hunk of Romano, even some Capicolli (gabagool) and - what Italian dinner would be complete without some cannoli rounding it off?

Top it all off with a couple bottles of Italian red and we're all set for The Sopranos. Eight years ends tonight.


Duncan was hanging out with me this weekend while I was working at my desk, I turned around to check on what he was doing and found him quite comfortably writing in his notebook, with Daisy's tail going a mile a minute.


The summer schedule for the Fort Reno concert series is out. Now I can plan my calendar.

Ginger is in her new home and the reports are that she's doing quite well. Which I'm glad about. It is a little odd that they are changing her name... (?) and she doesn't have a yard (boo, condo living) but - she's getting lots of attention and will be well taken care of. So I can't complain. She's not my dog anymore anyway.

Reading Neal Stephensen's Cryptonomicon and really enjoying it. The largeness of his work always scared me off (this one weighs in with 1,168 pages) and it is dense reading (slow going, no skimming here) but it's quite good and very interesting. Even with all the math :) So that's saying something right there. And - happy to report- he seems to have a very Vonnegut-eshness about him. And not in the way that the book jackets of Christopher Moore compare him to Vonnegut (which I assume is in reference to his goofy, off-the-cuff style of writi…