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print sale

I was hoping to not take home so many of the prints I framed for Artomatic... I honestly don't have the storage space for them.

So - yeah - sale

Framed 5x7 print (8x10 frame size) with shipping: $50 through Paypal. Metal frames, glass, acid-free mats - wired and ready to hang.

Buy 2 = $90
Buy 3 = $125

better view of the prints available here:

email me at tracytracy at gmail dot com


signed off on Artomatic - over and done, time to gear up for the next go around.

Some serious introspection regarding my work and my direction started before Artomatic but - not having time to create anything new in time to exhibit there - it has been milling around in my head, no real answers yet. What's the Point being the big one - because I really want there to be a Point. A meaning. Something more than what I've been doing. What am I trying to say?

Was commented to me recently that in this day and age of everyone having access to a gazillion megapixel "Anyone can take a great photo" digital camera makes the CONCEPT of the photograph so much more important in the art world. Which is a very interesting idea to me. Just how does an artist photographer break off from the rest of the world that owns the same camera? How to stand out? I was getting there anyway, working more on the IDEA just follows. Anyone can take a snapshot.

So, Pinky, I've been pondering. Wha…

judge not...

I hate people.

There should be some sort of electrical device that is implanted between the brain and the mouth that forces you to think about the stupid thing you are about to say before it actually comes out. A delay system if you will. Will an electro-shock metering to gauge the inappropriateness of a comment.

Because while you probably meant no harm in inquiring after my dog this morning in my vet's office - who obviously had issues being partially shaved and covered with wounds - it is really none of your damn business.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"Oh, I could never do that."

Well, I hope you never do have to give up your dog. I hope to hell you never have to deal with this horrible situation. I hope you don't have to deal with your kids being traumatized from seeing their pets trying to repeatedly kill each other. I hope you don't have to spend the time and the money trying to come up with a solution only to be left with the heartbreakin…

what a long, strange trip it's been

Artomatic bids fond farewell tomorrow night - 2007 shuts down for good at 10pm. It has been a right raucous ride and I expect it to go out with a bang. 400+ artists all celebrating the last night? If there isn't mad chaos then I shall be sorely disappointed. (and somebody better be taking photos, I don't want to miss any of it!) Met so many great people - I am so glad that I got involved with this, won't miss another one.Having said that I must admit that I have overextended myself with Artomatic events and home responsibilities plus kid projects plus helping out at schools. And most of the time doing all of this solo (I think that was the proverbial straw that crippled that camel). Good christ I'm tired. I had just gathered together all the supplies and equipment to start a new art project when the call came that Artomatic was a go - and since then they have been gathering dust. I don't expect there to be much down-time between when this Artomatic ends and we be…

Good start to the weekend

The Lawyer showed up this morning bright and early thanks to a very short break in his trial and a ticket on the red eye. It is only for a couple of days but it is nice to have him home. I don't really sleep when he's gone and two weeks is about all of that I can take. I didn't tell the kids he was coming home in case something happened and he had to stay in LA for the weekend so they were very happy this morning to wake up to him.

Finally talked to the Animal Behaviorist and they'll be coming out next week to evaluate the dog situation. It sounded promising on the phone (as optimistic as one can be without actually meeting any of the hounds involved) and it is, of course, expensive but this could be the solution to the fighting. I'm willing to go with their recommendation being that they are the professionals in such matters and are more knowledgeable than I am. In the meantime I'm keeping a sharp eye on the dogs when I'm home and keeping them separate…

F i r e !


I was contacted yesterday by someone from my high school class. It's time for our 20th reunion.

20 years.

I'm not sure I'll go, I haven't spoken to anyone from there in a very long time. I'll wait and see how I feel closer to the date, they are still trying to track everyone down. (A grand total of 107 people in my senior class. One deceased. )

I was trying to find a recent family photo to send her but couldn't find anything newer than our last St Martin trip.

I look a little different now. No tan. No hair. But you get the basic idea.

Compare to this taken in Spring, 1986:

That's me and The Lawyer at prom - I'm 16, he's 23. (it's okay, I married him.) My school was small enough that we had a joint JR/SR prom so I got to go *twice* - whoo boy. Didn't dance at either one of them. Craig took me to this one - he spent a good portion of the evening in the hotel bar smoking and drinking gin&tonics, probably wondering what in gods name was he doing…

blood and hair...

and a 3 am trip to the emergency vet.

Daisy and Ginger got into it last night and for what seemed like forever I couldn't break them up. My living room is wreck. I finally managed to beat Daisy hard enough on her head that she let go.

Stupid fucking dogs, jesus.

Ginger is torn up. I'm sure it would have been a lot worse if she hadn't had the thick mane of hair around her neck. (She was scheduled to be groomed on Friday - a "summer" cut with all of it cut off. Thankfully not done last week when I tried to get her an appointment.)

So it's antibiotics and pain pills for all. Poor Ginger feels awful with open wounds (bleeding) and she's whining because I'm sure it hurts like hell and she doesn't understand why. If that wasn't enough she looks awful too: head and neck are shaved, she's covered in bites, one ear is torn up - she really is this tiny little dog, no one would ever know under all that hair. Such a sad, pathetic sight.

So, yeah, a little…