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Pancake Mountain

DVD #5 is in production, filming this week. I swear we have enough footage for two more DVDs but let's get this one out first.

SPIN magazine ran one of my photos (from the Jenny Lewis dance party) in their Jan 2007 article on Indie Kid Rock, and the Houston Press ran a big photo two weeks ago from the Guster shoot. I knew about SPIN because they contacted me for credit information but the Houston publication was a surprise - I was checking out our updated media kits and there is one of my photos larger than life - with my son prominently displayed dancing away. I like surprises like that.

Dance Parties coming up - after our winter hibernation. February and March could be very busy months. Bring it on - I'm ready for some fun.

Catching The Big Fish - Suffering

It's good for the artist to understand conflict and stress. Those things can give you ideas. But I guarantee you, if you have enough stress, you won't be able to create. And if you have enough conflict, it will just get in the way of your creativity. You can understand conflict, but you don't have to live in it.

...But the filmmaker doesn't have to be suffering to show suffering. You can show it, show the human condition, show conflicts and contrasts, but you don't have to go through that yourself. You are the orchestrator of it, but you're not in it. Let your characters do the suffering.

It's common sense: The more the artist is suffering, the less creative he is going to be. It's less likely that he is going to enjoy his work and less likely that he will be able to do really good work.

... Some artists believe that anger, depression, or these negative things give them an edge, They think they need to hold on to that anger and fear so they can put it in t…