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October what?

I just realized that I missed the deadlines for some gallery shows that I was meaning to enter*.

But given my lack of success at these shows (even when I get my work in AND sell it I end up just breaking even) I'm not too torn up about it.

If anything I'm a little perplexed at how October is going to be over in a couple of days and - really, in my mind - I'm supposed to still be in the middle of September. Hello, could things slow down a bit please? I look away for a minute and two weeks slip by.

* I'm just down with the whole gallery thing. So much time spent getting my work into shows only to have it amount to absolutely zip. Are those couple of lines on my resume making any difference to anyone? Do they make me look more important or legitimate? It sure makes my bank account a lot smaller and I don't see any positive results from being in the shows. In exchange for a check and a shit load of my time and effort I get one line on my resume. Where is the logic in t…


Floss Silk Tree, California

We went to California last weekend and while the weather back home in DC was rainy and miserable we had the typical gorgeous "no rain again!" California days.

Birds of Paradise growing like weeds. Floss Silks trees covered in orchid-like flowers with huge pods filled with cotton and tree trunks covered in spikes. And giant sculptures built entirely out of Legos.

The Virgin Music Festival and Pancake Mountain

J.R., Scott and Amy of Pancake Mountain (and Rufus) with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips

And thus we say our goodbyes to Festival Season with the Virgin Music Festival yesterday in Baltimore wrapping it up.

It was a really long day - but what made it all worthwhile was getting to meet Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. He wins Super Cool Guy award. He subjected himself to a Pancake Mountain interview as well as doing some karaoke with us (No, I'm not kidding - we have video evidence, it will be online soon) and signing a cd for me. The guys from Wolfmother were really nice and also were interviewed (I was out shooting so I missed meeting them). Anthony Kiedis made an appearance and I got to meet him but - like so many bands that we were supposed to tape - were running late with no time for interviews.

I honestly have to say that I wouldn't attend these festivals without the benefit of the Photo Press pass. Staying on the other side of the fence away from the drunken masses out the…

Larger Than Life

As a rule I don't sit for other photographers. But once in a blue moon - if I like the project and respect the artist - I will.

Some time ago Chan Chao asked me if I'd participate in his Echo series. (link nsfw) And being that he met my two criteria I said "Sure!"

Jump forward to yesterday when I met up with him to sit for his latest project - and he gave me a print from the Echo series.

I love it.

Me, close up, every pore visible with absolutely no make up... and I love it.

This doesn't do it justice but you get the basic idea. NSFW


Club Orient used my SXM photos in their new brochure - I received a pack of them in the mail today. So the next time you are browsing in an actual, physical Travel Agent's office and see a brochure of a woman dropping her bikini on a beach - that's it.

Jade Magazine is scheduled to run a piece on my photography in their August edition.

Couple other irons in the fire but nothing final to report on them yet.

okay, back to processing wedding photos ;)